(selected examples)

ZET 2, Wroclaw, Poland.

(with other architect of record).

A 2,742,775 S.F. Multi-use Office and Conference Complex with Over-Regional Data Processing Center.

Renaissance Place, Hartford, CT, USA.

(with other architect of record)

A 16-story, 626,000 S.F. mixed use project with retail space at ground level (35,500 S.F.); six floors of office  space (170,900 S.F.); seven apartment floors and duplex penthouses (84 units - 156.900 S.F.) and three levels of underground parking garage for 626 cars.

Corporate Ridge, Rocky Hill, CT, USA.

Construction of a new 55,000 S.F. three story office addition to an existing building.

World Trade Center, Gdynia, Poland.

Mixed use complex of total of 1,000,000 S.F. with 500.000 S.F. office tower, 400 room hotel, 130,000 S.F. of convention-exhibition center, 25,000 S.F. of retail space,and 1,400 car garage.

CITY Place II, Hartford, CT, USA

(with other architect of record).

A 21-story, 360,000 S.F. mixed use office tower which includes retail space on the two lower levels, office space on 18 floors and three-level underground garage.

IDEXX Laboratories, Grafton, MA

A  new 30,000 S.F. laboratory building designed and constructed for the international animal tissue testing laboratory to serve TUFTS University's Grafton facility. The building is a two story structure and was completed in a design/build project delivery process. 

1000 Main Street, Hartford, CT, USA.

(with other architects of record).

A 30-story, 909,150 S.F. office building with five levels of be low grade parking for 410 cars (177,460 S.F.),  2 1/2 levels of above grade parking for 180 cars, retail space on lower levels and 25 levels of office space (561,540 S.F.).

Holding Howco Atlantic Corporation, Montreal, Canada.

Apartment building with offices and retail.

MIR Russia, Obolensk, Russia

220,000 S.F. 

Pharmaceutical production/distribution/packaging facility with warehouse and pilot plant.


Tizi-Ouzou,  Algeria

80,000 S.F.  Office Complex for Design Firms.


ZETO 2  (Mixed-use Office/Conference/Electronic Data Processing Center), Wroclaw, Poland

with other architect of record).


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Renaissance Place, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

(with other architect of record).