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Corporate Ridge, Rocky Hill, CT, USA.

Construction of a new 55,000 S.F. three story office addition to an existing building.

DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc., Danbury, CT, USA.

40,000 S.F. office space addition to 65,000 S.F. existing engineering and manufacturing facility.


The Holmes Group Office Headquarters

Milford, MA, USA.

A  new 90,000 S.F. office building with a 305,000 S.F. Distribution Center, which includes 40,000 S.F. of R&D, Engineering and Testing laboratories. The Holmes Group, Inc. engages in the design, development, testing, manufacturing, import, and sale of home appliances in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


IDEXX Laboratories

Grafton, MA, USA.

A  new 30,000 S.F. laboratory building designed and constructed for the international animal tissue testing laboratory to serve TUFTS University's Grafton facility. The building is a two story structure and was completed in a design/build project delivery process. 


Mahopac National/Chase Bank, Brewster, NY, USA. 

New 3,500 S.F. bank branch located in the Highlands Shopping Center.



Windsor Locks, CT, USA.

The project was developed as a Design/Build competition submission for the State of Connecticut. The proposed facility was a combination of single-floor housing units joined to a common area building. The building had a total area of approximately 93,000 square feet. In keeping with the adjacencies outlined in the program, we have designed a facility that was segregated into five major components comprised of housing, assembly areas (gym and chapel), education, support and administration.  All of these major building areas were connected with a central circulation spine, which was designed to provide a neutral space for staff and detainees to interact. 


Southern Connecticut State University

Stamford, CT, USA.

New Residence Hall & Parking

A Design/Build competition proposal for a new 365 residents - 110,515 S.F. Residence Hall, with 450 car parking garage and additional 188 car surface parking. Residence included four person “living suits”, double occupancy single rooms, and Residential Assistant suits. 


Goodwin Hotel

Hartford, CT, USA.

The project involved renovations of the existing hotel. The work included renovations of 124 guest rooms, guest bathrooms, guest room floor corridors, common spaces: Restaurant, bar, lounge, along with improvements to the exterior facade.